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Mens Jackets

Harrison workwears mens work jackets are a practical and essential piece of clothing for work wear be that trade workwear, custom workwear or high visibility workwear, mens jackets provide warmth, protection, and durability on the job. Work jackets are typically made of durable materials such as cotton, polyester, or nylon, and may feature additional features such as water-resistant or windproof coatings, reflective detailing, or hoods.

One of the main benefits of mens work jackets is their ability to provide warmth and protection against the elements. Whether you're working outdoors in cold and wet weather, or indoors in a cold or air-conditioned environment, a work jacket can help keep you comfortable and focused on the job. Our work jackets are designed with additional features such as reinforced seams, moisture-wicking properties, or reflective detailing, which can help enhance their functionality and performance. Take a look at our thermal jackets and rain jackets for this.

Mens work jackets are also often stylish and professional looking. They come in a range of colours and styles, from classic black and navy to more vibrant shades such as red and green. Some styles are designed with a more relaxed fit, while others have a more streamlined silhouette for a more formal look. Each jacket is designed to withstand the day to day trade or work environments, view our bomber jackets and fleece jackets for this

When browsing our mens work jackets range, it's important to consider the specific needs and requirements of your occupation. Different jobs may have different requirements for warmth, protection, and durability, so it's important to choose a work jacket that is appropriate for your job. Some other factors to consider when selecting a work jacket include the material, fit, and style, as well as any additional features or functions that may be useful for your specific needs.

Overall, mens work jackets are a practical and essential piece of clothing for many occupations, providing warmth, protection, and durability on the job. With a range of materials, styles, and features to choose from, there is a work jacket to suit the needs of any professional. In our mens range we also have mens work tops, mens work thermals, mens work bottoms and mens coveralls.